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It is our pleasure to welcome you to our website where you will find an extensive amount of information about our clinic and the services we offer. Although it is a Japanese web page any questions or request will be approach in either English or Spanish. We offer a variety of services to meet the needs of patients.

Most people are uncertain if physical therapy or manipulative therapy such as Osteopathy, Chiropractic can help with their condition or injury. They consider surgery and pain medications as an alternative treatment, but this is not correct. Physical therapy or any Manipulative Therapy (MT) can be a stand-alone treatment or an accompaniment to surgery and other forms of treatment.

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care for each patient according to their individual needs. Our objective for each patient is to achieve full recovery quickly, so they can return to their daily activities and achieve their desired goals, also to create awareness in how important is to treat your body as part of your own life style.

For each patient, therapy begins with a thorough evaluation to assess patient limitations and identify problems to determine the best course of treatment. Each treatment plan is customized to the patient’s unique needs and includes:

  • Spinal and soft tissue mobilization.
  • Kinesio Taping
  • Hands-on care
  • Evidence-based rehabilitation protocols
  • Guided exercises for range of motion and pain relief
  • Stretching exercises for flexibility
  • Education on proper body mechanics and injury prevention
  • Home program instructions
  •  Some of the conditions that benefit from physical therapy and MT include: • Generalized neck, back, shoulder  and leg pain • Orthopedic conditions • Reduced mobility and balance • Chronic fatigue • Post-surgical rehabilitation • osteoporosis • Knee, ankle and foot problems • carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis • Muscle strains and sprains • Work-related injuries • Sports related injuries





About us:

Furuta Seitai Medical group clinic started in July 2015 as an initiative of his founder Mr Takashi Furuta, to offer integrative treatment and sports rehabilitation to Matsumoto people and surrounding areas of Nagano Prefecture.

All patients receive the highest quality 1-1 physiotherapy and MT treatment.

We offer patients accurate and realistic solutions to their problem.

In June 2016 we incorporate in our team Mr Herrold Mora PT from Costa Rica, English & Spanish is spoken for all foreign community living in Matsumoto area.



Consultation/First Visit—————- 1500 yen

Treatment(Single 30-40min)——- 4500yen

                  (Double 60-70min)—- 8500yen

Add up 15min————————– 2000yen

Maternity——————————– 3500yen

Kinesio Taping————————- 500yen




Nagano Ken, Matsumoto City,

Sasabe 3-chome, 13-53-9



MON, THU, FRI & SAT / 8:30am – 18:30

TUE / 8:30am-12md, 15:00-21:00


For appointments please call 0263-28-5058




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